Don’t Make #GirlMistakes


Signed Autographed Copy by Author Grace Amazin
Mistakes are a necessary part of life. How we learn to deal with them determines who we become. While some fail to learn and continue their oblivious trek through life, others take a moment to reflect, figure out what went wrong, and adjust so as never to make that mistake again. Author Grace Amazin decided it was time for a change after taking time to recount her share of mistakes and how they had affected her life and helped her grow. Grace began reflecting on how she overcame the roadblocks in her life and now she shares those experiences with you.
Don’t Make Girl Mistakes: The Dos and Don’ts in Life is more than a mere book. It is a code for girls and women to adhere to in order to grow their lives and become better tomorrow. Compiled from the experiences of a woman who has lived through numerous scenarios and situations, worked with very powerful people, and stepped through all walks of life in her journey, it is the evolution of knowledge and filled with a variety of topics every woman knows. From dating the wrong men, having those frenemies, finding your career, and going after your dreams, Don’t Make Girl Mistakes shows the positive effects of making conscious decisions.
Don’t Make Girl Mistakes is the perfect resource for every woman AND the men associated with them! We are all bound to make mistakes. It’s how we deal with them that determines who we are and who we will be.


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